Cornelscourt Parish Hall

Cornelscourt Parish Hall
The Location of Foxrock Folk Club


As Luke Kelly remarked when he played the club in December 1972, a folk club in the suburb of Foxrock was a somewhat unlikely combination. Probably even more unlikely was the fact it was organised and run by teenagers and managed to attract to Foxrock some of the biggest names on the Irish music scene (see Folk Club History & "Local and Visiting Artists").

The aim of the Foxrock Folk Club Project is to (1) research the history of the club (2) develop a club archive and (3) create a space in which people who played at the club or attended some of the sessions can share their memories of what was an unique musical and cultural experience.


Sunday, 31 January 2016


There was a great article on the club by Jim Carroll in the Irish Times yesterday. By a nice coincidence it appeared on the same day as the 32nd anniversary of Luke Kelly's death.
Of course, the launch of the album itself on 17th November last year also happily coincided with what would have been Luke's 75th birthday. Perhaps, despite his comments on the contradictions involved in having a folk club in a place like Foxrock, Luke realised the dialectical possibilities of performing to such an enthusiastic group of youngsters.

Jim made the point that the tapes are of important historical, as well as musical value as, for example, there are very few live recordings of Luke Kelly (amongst others on the CD) in a folk club setting.
See the piece here:

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