Cornelscourt Parish Hall

Cornelscourt Parish Hall
The Location of Foxrock Folk Club


As Luke Kelly remarked when he played the club in December 1972, a folk club in the suburb of Foxrock was a somewhat unlikely combination. Probably even more unlikely was the fact it was organised and run by teenagers and managed to attract to Foxrock some of the biggest names on the Irish music scene (see Folk Club History & "Local and Visiting Artists").

The aim of the Foxrock Folk Club Project is to (1) research the history of the club (2) develop a club archive and (3) create a space in which people who played at the club or attended some of the sessions can share their memories of what was an unique musical and cultural experience.


Monday, 25 January 2016


I often listen to Radio na Gaeltacht (a radio station in Irish) when I am back in Ireland as, of course, it plays great Irish music. But it also plays all other kinds of music as well; it's the presenters links that are in Irish. So I was very pleased to hear about Brian Mullen's programme Caschlar on BBC Radio Foyle in Northern Ireland which he presents in Irish at the same time as playing a great diversity of music.
On the programme broadcast on 2nd January 2016 he had quite a long piece talking about the club which I must admit I didn't really understand but could sort of follow. He certainly mentioned young people and Kevin McCann and his tape recorder, as well as many of the artists who appeared at the club. Then he played two of the recordings, Supply Demand and Curve's track, L'Oiseau and All My Friends Are Gone by Johnny Norris.
I was particularly delighted to hear someone playing Supply, Demand and Curve as they were a wonderful experimental Irish group who only made one LP in the 70s which is now impossible to find. Jolyon Jackson was a very talented musti-instrumentalist who went on to appear on a number of interesting albums with Irish musicians, particularly one album he made with the fiddler, Paddy Glackin. I was lucky enough to find this on cassette about 20 years ago so it may still be out there.

Brian's programme is called Caschlar and is on Radio Foyle at 8pm on Saturdays. The programme from the 2nd Jan is available on the BBC Radio Foyle for another week at:
The material on the folk club and the two tracks start about 30 minutes in.

(The heading of this post is my effort to translate 'Live at Foxrock Folk Club' into Irish. The word 'scoraiocht' means 'visiting your neighbours for an evening of music and song' which I think fits the spirit of the folk club pretty well.)

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